Speak Up and use your voice to create change where change is necessary.

April 1st, 8:30am EST

The Conference

Speak Up Women is an event that has been specifically designed to help women understand the importance and impact they have when they speak up in their personal, professional and philanthropic lives. When they have the courage and confidence to do it, they end up making a difference in other people’s lives, including their own.






Women make more of an impact when they are not only seen but heard. We envision more women expressing their interests, insights and the desires they have professionally, personally and for a cause so they can create dynamic working relationships and forge a better future – for themselves and others.

We want them to be confident and competent with the skillset of speaking up so they can identify and seize opportunities to make a difference locally and globally.



Through accessible venues online and offline, we support women with the knowledge of how to marshal their own interests, agendas, skills, and passions and express each individual’s voice in the workplace, through our businesses and non-profit organizations, at home, in our communities and through the media so we can each make difference.


What is it?

Speak Up Women is an event production of Speak Up World, LLC, which has been formed to:

  • Host annual events in New York City at the beginning of Women’s History Month (March)
  • Create an online community to serve women
  • Provide products and services through a dedicated blog to support women with learning the essential skillset of how to speak up and why it’s important
  • Build partnerships and strategic alliances with other conferences, summits, events and organizations that believe this skillset is essential for women to win in their worlds at home, in business, and with everything they are involved with and care about

Speak Up Women is designed to be a grassroots collaboration between attendees and a roster of thoughtfully selected presenters, vendors, sponsors, and partners.

The backbone of the Speak Up Women project is strategically timed for the start of Women’s History Month every March, which itself presents an amazing calendar of events. But ‘Speak Up Women’ is much more than an introduction to other activities. It’s an incubator for individual women and women’s organizations to imagine, develop and realize the presentation of their own visions, to and for others.


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