Speak Up and use your voice to create change where change is necessary.

October 21st, 8:30am EST
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8:30 – 9:00am





Speak Up: It’s Your Turn


Unmute Yourself




Panel Discussion: The Recipe To Speak Up


Breakout Rooms – Networking/ Break


Overcome the Diva/Doormat Syndrome


Why Fear Matters To Your Success


The Gift of Self-Promotion




Courageous Confidence


Be Your Own Health Advocate


Boost Your Energy Confidence

Sarah Lascano


Panel Discussion: Speak Up With A Leadership Mindset


Breakout Rooms – Networking/ Break


Network to Raise Your Net Worth


How To Breakup With Burnout




You Survived… Now What?


Panel Discussion: Creating Community with Our Stories


Presentation of the Make a Difference Award and Wrap-Up

“The Speak Up Women Conference is where women are given the strategies to take up space and speak up for their own lives and for the causes that light a fire within them.”
Alana Van Der Sluys, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Freedom with Food and Fitness

“For too long, women have been pressured to play small and stifle their voices. The Speak Up Women Conference is an important opportunity for women to address challenges, learn strategies and become inspired to speak up in their work and lives. ”
Kim Meninger, Leadership Coach & Consultant, Executive Career Success LLC

“Come to the Speak Up Women Conference to get inspired, to learn and to witness women who have come before them and use them as a way to get permission to step up, show up and speak up.”
Micaela Passeri, Emotional Intelligence Business Strategist, Love Your Evolution LLC

“Bold, courageous leadership is needed now more than ever. Speak Up Women is the perfect opportunity for women to learn the skills, uncover their strengths, and find the voice needed to be those bold leaders.”
Natalie Micale, Executive Coach for Career Fulfillment, Natalie Micale Coaching

“Come to the Speak Up Women Conference to hear other women’s stories, to be encouraged, motivated and inspired to trust your voice so you can speak up, stand out and make a bigger impact in the world.”
Darlene Hawley, Leadership & Business Coach

“When you’re in a group of like-minded women who are really willing to speak up, and support each other to do it as well, you find your tribe. You own your truth and become way more courageous and confident.”
Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author

“Come to the Speak Up Women Conference because women have been silenced throughout history. No more sitting on the sidelines. Women’s issues are important, and therefore women are important. It’s time to step up, stand up, and be heard. Speak Up, women! Your voice is important! This is the place, and NOW is the time.”
Barbara H. Smith, Founder & CEO, BHS & Associates

“I think many women, even those sitting in executive seats, struggle with imposter syndrome and lack of unworthiness. Attending the Speak Up Women Conference will provide kinship and support you may not otherwise have in your life. Belonging to a community is essential.”
Therese Gopaul-Robinson, Owner & President, The Therese GP Company

“Attend the Speak Up with Women Conference because you are worth being heard! Women are the key to future change in this world. One’s woman’s voice can impact at minimum 6 other people. Combined with a conference full of women learning to use their voices, this event will be life-changing!”
Becca Powers, WorkLife Empowerment and Burnout Expert, Powers Peak Potential

“We never know where or when we are going to find the piece of wisdom that speaks straight to our heart, encouraging us in a way that we finally believe in ourselves. Hearing from a multitude of speakers and diverse experiences helps us realize we are never alone in our journey.”
Christy Hughes, Founder, The Brave Kind/Part Time Pastures LLC

“The Speak Up Women Conference creates space and gives women permission to unapologetically celebrate who they are, collaborate with women making a positive impact on a local and global effort, connect with other women who share the same values, and join a community of women who uplift, encourage, and support one another.”
Karla J. Noland, Award-Winning Author & Speaker | Certified Self-Discovery & Mental Fitness Coach, Reveal Heal Thrive LLC

“When you show up for other women, whether it’s on stage beside one another, or in the audience in support of one another, our collective voices become amplified. This is how we move out of silence and SPEAK.”
Tricia Brouk, International Award-Winning Director, Author, Producer and Founder of The Big Talk Academy

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