Speak Up and use your voice to create change where change is necessary.

April 30, 2022 STARTING AT 8.30 AM

Who can be a sponsor?

Organizations who understand the values of empowering women to have a voice.

Sponsorship Levels

Presenting Sponsor $100,000 per year
Empowerment Sponsor $50,000 per year
Impact Sponsor $25,000 per year
Maverick Sponsor $10,000 per year
Speak Up Sponsor $5,000 per year

Benefits of Sponsorship

There are numerous ways in which your organization can be an integral part of SPEAK UP WOMEN.

An investment between $5,000 and $100,000 can:

  • Branding to successful women with considerable purchasing power
  • Reach your target market through digital and traditional media marketing
  • Jennifer S. Wilkov, best-selling and award-winning author, speaker, book and business consultant and entrepreneur, will promote your brand
  • Dedicated marketing through press releases to local and national media
  • Access to audience with email marketing, blogs, and social media
  • Branding to a $7 trillion market of successful women
  • Multi-media campaign with traditional media which includes radio and television appearances
  • Social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to an audience of thousands
  • Increase brand awareness to successful women with tremendous consumer needs
  • Interactive benefits: ┬áName attached to promotions, articles, and marketing
  • Email marketing to thousands of loyal people in the community
  • Enhance your cause-related marketing and humanitarian image through charitable partner K2 Adventures Foundation
  • Advertising includes print and digital media
  • Making a Difference Award with photo opportunities and media
  • Hyperlink, logo and message on official website
  • Logo inclusion in signage and posters
  • Live events include Speak Up Women
  • Dedicated campaigns with pre-marketing and follow-up promotion
  • Exhibitor opportunities, signage, and your company representatives at live events
  • Interactive contests to promote your brand
  • Option to provide prize giveaways
  • VIP passes for staff and special clients


Get Started

Fill out the form below or contact the sponsorship director at (718) 663-1355 for more information on customized sponsorship benefits.


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