Speak Up and use your voice to create change where change is necessary.

Saturday, January 27th at 8:30 am EST

Who can be a partner?

Partners are defined as organizers of women’s organizations, associations, or groups. Groups often hold monthly events where women practice using their voice. Organizations or associations may have members that may need to qualify.

Why partner with Speak Up Women?

  • To share your organization and events with the women at the conference
  • To attract more members for your organization and events
  • To meet sponsors that may be interested in working with you and your events and activities
  • To use this opportunity to move your own initiatives forward

We’ve made an impact!

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Benefits of Partnership

There are numerous ways in which your organization/group can be an integral part of Speak Up Women

  • Place your organization/group in front of a desirable audience of successful organizations, conference attendees and professionals
  • Showcase your organization/group
  • Demonstrate your support for women initiatives
  • Place your branded gift box items in front of diverse consumers and top public and for-profit organizations

Speak Up Women Partner

When your group/organization participates as a partner, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Website Presence:Β The group/organization will be featured on the Speak Up Women website with its logo and a link to its website.
  • Press Release: The group/organization will be featured in press release as a partner for the Speak Up Women Conference.
  • Optional Opportunity to Write a Guest Blog Article: The group/organization founder will be given the optional opportunity to write a guest blog article for the Speak Up Women blog that will be distributed on all the social media sites to the Speak Up Women followers.
  • Community Gift Box Presence: The group/organization will be able to insert a promotional piece (no larger than 5 in. x 7 in.) in the conference gift box so attendees may connect with them after the conference.

Note: There are no tickets or speaking slot for Speak Up Women Partners.

Partners at all levels must broadcast the event out to their members/email subscribers twice during the promotional period and add this event to their group event calendar. Dates must be provided for the email dates and a link to the calendar listing must be provided.

Discount codes can be provided to partners for their group/organization for tickets to be purchased by members.

For questions, please contact the conference office using the form below.


Get Started

Fill out the form below to contact the partnership director or call the conference office at (718) 663-1355 for more information on partnership benefits.

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