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October 21st, 8:30am EST

Alex Cappe

Founder, Creative Self Revolution LLC

Alex Cappe is a creativity coach, musical keynote speaker and the founder of Creative Self Revolution in Los Angeles. As a creativepreneur, through a combination of talent and social media expertise, she amassed over 50,000 social media followers, 250,000 plays and over 1 million YouTube views.

Currently she works with women who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled, and through a unique process of creativity coaching helps them reclaim themselves, feel better in their own skin and live in a more joyful way. She also helps established female business owners who are struggling with their content for marketing and social media, and serves as their own personal creative director to highlight their unique genius, so they can attract the right clients.

Through her work, speaking and music, Alex is on a mission to provide inspiration worldwide, give people powerful tools involving creativity and mindset, and empower everyone to live a life they truly love.

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