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Saturday, January 27th at 8:30 am EST

Alex Pursglove

Business & Transformation Coach Of Alex Pursglove Coaching

From embracing personal growth and shifting limiting beliefs, Alex Pursglove transformed from a people-pleasing, self-criticizing, and struggling solopreneur into an unapologetic and passionate woman running a thriving business. 

By conquering her fears and embracing true self-expression, Alex achieved remarkable success, witnessing her business 10X in under two years.  Simultaneously, she strengthened her marriage, deepened her spirituality, and found greater personal fulfillment. 

Over the last five years, Alex has made a significant impact on thousands of women and leaders nationwide as a speaker and host of online workshops, live events, group communities, and private programming. Through her messaging, she inspires and guides individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

Alex’s mission is to empower others to ignite ecstasy, abundance, and fulfillment in their personal lives and businesses, while cultivating conviction in their value and becoming fully expressed. 

Deeply committed to practicing what she preaches, Alex has studied with multiple world-class mentors, including David Neagle, Marla Mattenson, Sloane, and Tricia Brouk, continuously elevating every facet of her life, family and business.

She is married to her best friend, Adam Zaffuto, and together, they share a passion for travel, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and providing healing through plant medicine to military veterans. They have a beautiful 2-year old daughter named Stella Love.

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