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October 29th, 8:30am EST

Arielle Friedtanzer

End-of-Life Expert

Arielle Friedtanzer, M.A., has spent the last four years trying to convince people of all ages that talking about death will not make it happen any sooner. Trained as an interfaith chaplain with a background in Judaic Studies, Bioethics, and Social Work, Arielle traveled around the country with her husband, Abe, for nearly 20 months, bringing conversations about death, grief, and advanced care planning to individuals, communities, and professionals of all ages and background.

When life took a virtual turn due to COVID-19, Arielle developed and hosted a weekly Facebook Live series, Millennials and Mortality Mondays, and began facilitating virtual memorials and celebrations of life. Arielle is determined to reduce the stigma around aging and the fear of death by helping people have these thoughtful conversations early and often, and she feels tremendous privilege in being present with individuals and families during these difficult, but intimate moments.

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