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October 29th, 8:30am EST

Heidi Holliday

Co-Founder, Unity Lab

Heidi Holliday is the co-founder and COO of Unity Lab. Unity Lab provides scalable culture change solutions that empower your people to develop new skills and activate a culture of purpose and belonging. Prior to joining Unity Lab, she served as executive director of three different nonprofits, as program director for a community wide public health initiative, and on the board of local and regional nonprofit organizations.

She has been interviewed by the New York Times, Australian Broadcasting Company, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Reuters, Bloomberg, NBC News, Salon, NPR, and local Kansas City area TV, print and radio stations. She’s a mother, a bridge builder and mediator, an experienced facilitator, and a trusted community leader.

Heidi received a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and Bachelor of Arts from Bethel College. She is currently based in Austin, Texas.

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