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April 1st, 8:30am EST

Hillary Gooden

Lymphatic System Health Expert, Lymphatic System Health Solutions

Hillary Gooden, Speaker, Certified Lymphology Expert, Vibrant Life Promoter, Author and Spiritual Leader. She works with women leaders who are looking for strategies to get their life back from the control of stress.

She uses strategies and techniques to work the lymphatic system along with different holistic practices to bring balance to body, mind and spirit, the way God intended.

She worked as the Chief Financial Officer of Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Behavioral Health and is Pastor of Word Alive Ministries, Chicago, IL. She is a Global Ambassador of the Black Business Expo USA also Board Member, Women Reach Out with God Initiative, Nigeria, Africa. She understands wanting to fulfill your purpose and help God’s people while working a demanding 9-5 job.

Being stressed all the time, giving out to others and supporting others; something had to change. She start improving her health which led to a journey of research of how to help the body heal itself.

She became a Certified Lymphologist through the International Academy of Lymphology. Now her mission is to help others discover that “You Got The Power” to “Help Your Body Help You” feel better; healthy and vibrant!

She authored ‘You Got the Power! 7 Ways to Transform Your Health and Peace’ and ‘Your Words Create Your Reality’.

She is the Host of two podcast shows, The Vibrant Good Health Show and Let’s Get Acquainted! with Hillary Gooden

Now she incorporates all the life lessons, experiences and training into her Lymphatic System Health Solutions business

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