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April 1st, 8:30am EST

Isabelle Zimmerman

Ascension Teacher, Attracting Wisdom

Isabelle Zimmerman is a channeler, a sciencey psychic who studied quantum physics for six years, cosmic cheerleader, ascension teacher, hypnotist, mom and friend. Her passion is helping people raise their vibration and strengthen their connection to their inner being. Isabelle’s teachings connect science, spirituality and law of attraction in order to facilitate greater understanding. Isabelle teaches through many mediums, including online courses, videos, podcasts, blogs, and even an Inner Magic Oracle Deck for Children. You can find Isabelle on the Wisdom App and

Having spent much of her life in corporate America, Isabelle has created the High Vibe Word 30 Day Challenge to raise the collective vibration in an organization and the individual.”

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Call For Speakers

Do you have an inspiring message or story to share about speaking up personally or professionally, at home or at work, or for causes you care about or as an advocate for others?

We are looking for you to join us as a featured speaker for the April 1, 2023 Speak Up Women Conference!