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Saturday, January 27th at 8:30 am EST

Julie Riga

Readiness Coach and CEO Of Stay on Course LLC

Meet Julie Riga, a seasoned coach, storyteller, and champion of authenticity with over two decades of experience. Beyond her impressive certifications and educational journey in business and communications, Julie’s passion lies in helping women carve their own paths and seize opportunities.

In the world of leadership, team dynamics, and organizational development, Julie thrives. Her knack for turning complex situations into breakthrough moments has earned her recognition. But more than that, she’s on a mission to change the narrative for women stuck in unfulfilling careers.

As the force behind the “Stay On Course” movement, Julie brings a refreshing blend of wisdom and a touch of lightness to the business world. Her podcast, “Stay on Course – Ingredients for Success,” is a treasure trove of insights from thought leaders worldwide, focusing on what it takes to grow both personally and professionally.

Julie’s authenticity shines through not just in her words but in her actions. A lifelong learner and a TEDx Speaker at Novartis, she embodies the spirit of continuous personal and professional growth.

But here’s the real magic – Julie is all about inspiring greatness in a way that feels natural. Her stories, shared on social media and through her podcast, are like a friendly chat with a wise friend. She’s not just teaching; she’s lighting a path for women to self-author their lives, find their passions, and embrace opportunities with open arms.

Julie’s approach is dynamic and genuine, making the sometimes-daunting world of business feel like a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It’s not just about success; it’s about living authentically, aligning with passion, and creating a life that’s truly yours.

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