Speak Up and use your voice to create change where change is necessary.

April 1st, 8:30am EST

Stefanie Schornsheim

Speaker & Public Speaking Trainer, Plotventure

With over 12 years of experience as a host, moderator, speaker, and presenter from around the world, Stefanie is an expert in public speaking – but she wasn’t always that confident.

She grew up shy and suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years. Through a lot of self-development work and mindset training, she could overcome her fears and live a joyful life again.

Stefanie now supports others in becoming so prepared & confident with their public speaking routine that nothing can get them ruffled. She mentors passionately, guiding her clients from being anxious and nervous to confident, excited, and memorable.

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Call For Speakers

Do you have an inspiring message or story to share about speaking up personally or professionally, at home or at work, or for causes you care about or as an advocate for others?

We are looking for you to join us as a featured speaker for the April 1, 2023 Speak Up Women Conference!