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April 1st, 8:30am EST

Vanessa Broers

Spiritual Samurai, Life and Leadership Coach

Vanessa is an author and Leadership and performance coach set on innovating leadership, supporting leaders to embrace more vulnerability and authenticity and transmute it into personal power, better performance, and more joy.

Her book, We Are One details how this transformation looks through leadership in motherhood. To utilize motherhood to give birth to something bigger than yourself. When women don’t feel like they have to mourn the loss of their identity, of who they were, they can reclaim the power of possibility of who they can become.

Since her early career as a health coach, she’s been fascinated with why some clients succeeded when others didn’t, despite having the same tools and resources. This catalyzed her decade-long study of human behavior and performance. She has apprenticed and studied with the highest masters of the craft and spent two years working closely with one of the most powerful shaman in the world to understand, on a surgical level, how the complex experiences of human beings can be understood and transcended and how they unconsciously influence our behavior.

Vanessa has developed precise knowledge of the nuanced way that human beings operate on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. She understands what gets in the way of optimal performance and how to keep her clients consistently moving forward and inspired and meet obstacles with courage and playfulness. She disagrees with popular opinion that people lack motivation, commitment and discipline and believes in the potential of every person she sits with.

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